Beginners Course

Kickstart your permanent makeup career with easy access to the highest quality training and products from world-renowned trainers.

Come and be part of a booming industry!

Enter the world of PMU on your own schedule!

Golden Brows is proud to offer beginner permanent makeup training in a new, convenient, learning format providing a fluid and easy to navigate learning experience.

Online Lessons

Broaden your knowledge at a comfortable pace.

Learn the fundamentals and your technique!

Hands On Training

Sculpt your techniques hands-on with our instructors.

Put your skills to work on live models!

Fine tune your PMU skills online from the comfort of home

Even after training with our instructors, you will be able to review the online material and advance your skills with both eyebrow techniques. As a beginner student, you will be receiving the foundational knowledge needed to become a successful PMU artist. You also need supplies to begin taking clients!

NOTE: Golden Brows beginner training courses will NOT cover fundamentals and theoretical aspects of permanent makeup. We will focus strictly on techniques, practice on practice materials, and live models. Therefore we HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing the PMU Master Kit before beginning intensive training at our academy

Group training sessions are difficult to follow if you're not in the field of permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is a rapidly growing industry, but it's also an incredibly competitive one. It can be hard to break into without any prior experience or training. Golden Brows offers personal training sessions that will teach you everything you need to know about permanent makeup. With our help, you'll be able to create beautiful and natural looking eyebrows that will last for years.

Comprehensive & Intensive Curriculum

During our beginners permanent makeup training bundle, you will receive virtual and hands on practice that will be certified for the techniques learned. With a new online introductory format, this PMU training will focus strictly on technique and practice on practice material and provided live models. With intimate learning sessions (up to 2 people), students receive one-on-one attention and can better connect with their instructor.

Be a Part of a Thriving PMU Community

Our classes revolve around hands-on practice and intensive learning to prepare you for the field. Golden Brows is more than a permanent makeup academy. We create a community for our students so that even after PMU training, you are supported throughout your career. With our open-door policy, we invite you back to shadow and ask our expert trainers questions related to the field.

Here at GOLDEN BROWS® we strive for nothing but permanent makeup quality of the highest caliber WITH OUR COMPREHENSIVE intensive COURSES.

I don't want to only teach you permanent makeup. I want to inspire you with my aesthetics to create natural and elegant results, while protecting your client's skin

Daria Chuprys

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Golden Brows Beginner Course

Personal Training (up to groups of 2)
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  • Learn any technique of choice.
  • Practice on a live model.
  • Be a part of a thriving PMU community.
  • Receive a certification of attendance.

Check out our Master Permanent Makeup Kit

Enjoy one of the most extensive Master PMU Kits for only



Recommended for students enrolled in our Beginner's Course

and enjoy 6 months access to
our Online Permanent Makeup Fundamental Course!

Ever want to get into the world of PMU but never knew where to start? What materials to use? What the basics of PMU are?

The Online Permanent Makeup Master PMU Kit were created for the people looking for just that!

Learn the basics from our PMU Fundamentals Online Course, along with 2 advanced techniques. That’s 3 entire PMU courses to get you started! Our fundamental master kits not only save you time and money-they will save you the headache of finding the proper products. All packed into our permanent makeup kit bag, you can take your materials with you anywhere and know that you always have what you need!

We have invested a lot of time and effort into this new format that we truly believe is the most beneficial for our students. Rather than cramming fundamentals and techniques into a 7-day beginner’s course, you can review the fundamentals of PMU as much as needed with your 6-month access to our online academy. Although this kit is not required, we HIGHLY recommend it to receive the best value and kickstart your PMU career with ample knowledge AND a full supply kit.

Eyebrows Master Kit and Fundamentals Online Course

NOTE: You are NOT required to buy the Golden Brows PMU Master Kit from our academy. It is highly recommended to have basic PMU knowledge and skills before beginning intensive training at Golden Brows.

Golden Brows does NOT claim any responsibility for students who begin our hands on courses at the academy without basic fundamental knowledge in permanent makeup.

Learn all these permanent makeup skills in a fully licensed professional studio located in the prestigious beverly hills

we strive to provide an intensive hands-on learning environment

We achieve this with small sessions of up to 2 future permanent makeup artists. Our instructors are able to reach each and every student.

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