Frequently Asked Questions

You will first need to consider where you will be working. In California, you do not need to be a licensed tattoo artist or cosmetologist to legally practice permanent makeup. However, different states and counties have various stipulations. We encourage you to contact your local health department to learn about their requirements.

Golden Brows will process your enrollment paperwork so you can legally practice permanent makeup in LA county. If you are outside of LA county, you will need to do your research to learn what else may be needed. Click here to view the required documentation for LA county.

Permanent makeup is an exciting field, but that does not mean there aren’t challenges. Investing in yourself and your training is crucial to becoming an experienced and knowledgeable artist. We strongly encourage you to first receive comprehensive, hands-on training to become familiar with the steps of each procedure. Golden Brows offers a 4-day intensive microblading and ombre beginner’s training that provides 32 hours of hands-on practice and live models.

Your discipline and determination in the field is what will place you ahead. You will need to continuously practice, invest in advanced training, and work on models to gain the necessary experience. Golden Brows is always here to provide lifetime support, discounted advanced training, bed rental and model opportunities, and open communication.

Even a seasoned artist is always trying to find new ways to advertise their work and spread the word. As a permanent makeup artist, you will wear many hats. You need to become familiar with social media, website management, graphics and photo editing, and customer service. At Golden Brows, we will equip you with the tools to help advance your career. Your hard work and willingness to apply these tools is what will make you the most successful.

The wonderful thing about permanent makeup is, you decide how you want to work! Many of our students have become trainers, opened their own studios in multiple locations, or partnered with others in the beauty industry. Whatever your goals are, make sure to do your research to understand the legal process and correct signage/set-up for your workspace.

At Golden Brows, we encourage you to practice on those close to you immediately after the training so you can absorb the knowledge and apply it to real life. Gather your friends, sister, mother, grandmother, and other willing participants so you can become comfortable and confident during your procedure.

No matter your background or previous work experience, you CAN thrive in this field! The most important thing is to love what you do and continuously invest in your skillset. Permanent makeup allows you to rebuild confidence in the women around you while implementing artistic creativity and expression.

The field also offers a flexible work schedule, the opportunity to be your own boss, and financial freedom! The world of permanent makeup is a multi-million dollar industry with countless opportunities for growth.

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