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is your premier destination for intensive permanent makeup training

so you can become the leader of your life and career

From the founder of the first Microblading Academy in the United States

Many individuals struggle to find a career that fits their financial and creative needs.

Golden Brows Academy helps artists develop a successful permanent makeup career and find passion in helping others look beautiful 24/7.

Struggling to find a career passion?

What can be more passionate than helping others look beautiful!

Tired of working for someone else?

Become your own boss and make your own schedule.

Are you struggling financially?

You can make the same or even more hourly than doctors do.

Received previous training but still not comfortable in the field?

Our open door policy allows you to come back and practice on models any time.

Our Courses

Learn the latest and safest techniques that exist in the field to create elegant and natural results for your clients.

A strong foundation is the key to building a reputable career.
Come learn from one of the most sought-after PMU Academies.

hands on intensive courses

Work on a live model with a professional instructor’s guidance

Lifetime Support

Never stop receiving support with our Open Door Policy

Option to purchase online fundamentals

Fundamentals of Permanent Makeup available online!

Prominent Permanent Makeup Network

Connect with Permanent Makeup Artists across the globe

We provide your model!

Save time and headaches! We provide your practice model!

Sample Kit included

Receive a kit with samples of our favorite products

Learn from world renowned PMU Masters

With passion and dedication to their student’s success

Learn to create natural & Elegant results

Learn you skills hands-on with our professional instructors

Create natural


& help your clients save time and headaches!

Create natural makeup

& help your clients save time and headaches!

Why learn Permanent Makeup?

✦ Help your clients save time every morning

Spend those precious minutes with a loved ones instead

✦ Never have to worry about smudging

From the office to the gym, always have the perfect makeup shape

✦ Give your clients the perfect shape...always

Have that symmetrical defined look…all…the…time

✦ Give them another level of expression

Be confident in all situations, with the style & makeup you love

✦ Help them enhance their natural features

Add color to faded lips or fullness to sparse eyebrows

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Our reputation in the industry and over 1,000 students trained speaks for itself.

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Our technicians have been working in the PMU industry for over a decade. Daria Chuprys is the founder of the first microblading academy in the U.S. She is a world-renowned speaker and trainer and is highly respected in the field. Her husband, Kostas, is also a lead trainer and the creator of the now popular tinted lips technique.

Daria Chuprys is a world renowned leading instructor of the Microblading technique, located in Beverly Hills, CA and Athens, Greece.

In 2010 she was introduced to the Permanent Makeup Industry and fell in love. She then went on to become a pioneer and expert in the industry.

Kostas trained under Daria Chuprys, his dedication to training with his wife jump started a trend in the industry for PMU husband and wife teams.

With a background in Art and business, Kostas began his career in the PMU industry with removals in 2012. He then went on to train with other star PMU artists around the globe.

“After finishing college and getting married, my husband is the one who encouraged me to become my own boss. After months of searching for my passion, I came across eyelash extensions that were, at the time, still very new. This is how I entered the beauty industry. After being a lash artist, I pursued makeup school. This eventually introduced me to microblading, which I found fascinating and felt very inspired to become a successful artist and trainer. My journey in permanent makeup started with short training, and due to language barriers, I didn’t have the support I desired. I started to take class after class and attended conferences to gain the knowledge I was craving. It took me years and thousands of dollars in travel to gain some level of confidence in the field. With my years of struggle in mind, I created this training program to knock down every obstacle that I encountered. I truly believe in this program because it is the one I wish  had been available when I first started my career to avoid all the money and years spent.”


Golden Brows

Learn PMU the Golden Brows Way

At Golden Brows Academy, we believe that a fine education in permanent makeup takes more than two days. That is why we offer an intensive, hands-on curriculum that covers the latest and safest techniques existing in the field today. You will learn under master trainers who are dedicated to your success. 

Our experts in the field will discuss every aspect of permanent makeup-color theory, physiology and anatomy of the skin, elite techniques, and the best PMU pigments, products, tools and anesthetics on the market. We will provide you with a live model to work on throughout your training to prepare you for future clients. You will learn how to achieve natural, elegant results that will make your clients look and feel beautiful. 

We understand that a quality education can be an investment—that is why we believe in an open door policy. As a student, you will receive lifetime support from Daria and Kostas. We believe in small class sizes to better guide each student.

What if you don’t feel ready to take on clients after beginner’s training? You are welcome into the academy at any time to continue your practice and perfect your skills. You are able to shadow our technicians to better learn techniques for the procedure. We also offer advanced personal training in tinted lips, microblading, ombre powder brows, eyeliner, and tattoo removal. Our academy is a safe, sanitary environment with designated procedure rooms and the best supplies for permanent makeup. Whether you are a seasoned PMU artist or a beginner, our distinguished permanent makeup academy is the best in the Los Angeles area.